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Pawster Parents provides nationwide loving homes to abused, neglected and unwanted pets.
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Pawster Parents has been asked by desperate Hurricane Harvey pet owners to transport their dogs and cats out of Texas and to family or friends willing to temporarily care for them. This means we will be driving all over the United States dropping off pets. We have the volunteers, time, transport RV and are only restrained by the limited funds to buy gas. Gas is the only thing stopping us and this fundraiser is an effort to correct that. Please support our efforts to get these traumatized animal to their families. 

Pawster Parents Texas Gas Funds
Foster Care for Rabbits at Pawster Parents
Help Pet Foster Care, Pawster Parents


Bogey is going to live with his Aunt in New Jersey, Thanks to Pawster Parent donations.

Pawster Parents


Dogs need loving foster care program, Pawster Parent
Bogey transported home by Pawster Parents
Cats need loving Pawster Parents! Pet Foster Care Needed.
Help Pet Foster Care Program Pawster Parents

Help Us Help Hurricane Harvey Survivors!

Help Pet Foster Care Program Pawster Parents

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Pawster Parents’ mission is to help at-risk pets stay out of shelters by encouraging pet owners to first consider extended family or friends as caregivers. Pawster Parents offers Pet Crisis Management and Transportation services nationwide in an effort to connect pets to loving homes. 

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We are accepting items to sell on Ebay as a fundraiser. Please mail us your unwanted items to benefit the pets in our program.

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