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Pawster Parents

Travel Pack: The Pawster Parents Program seeks to alleviate travel distance as a barrier to finding the perfect foster home for our pets. This means we travel a lot and are always looking for volunteers to transport pets locally and throughout the United States.

Life Pack:Sponsors and donations are a critical part of building and maintaining the Pawster Parents Program. Financial support allows us to focus our hearts and time on crisis care for our foster pets. As part of the Life Pack you can help with fundraising events, donate items for our auctions, provide cash donations, help locate business sponsors or be a part of our financial brainstorming team.

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Parent Pack - Friend Pack - Travel Pack - Life Pack

Thank you for your interest in learning about our Pawster Parents Packs. We have 4 main packs and you are welcomed to join one or all! 

Join One of Our 4 Packs

Parent Pack: Share your heart and home by becoming a Pawster Parent. We connect foster parents nationwide with abused, neglected or abandoned pets that are also a good match for each family. The process to become a Pawster Parent begins with filling out the Pawster Parent Application, then completing our online Pet Training, and lastly a Home Visit for first time foster parents.

Friend Pack: Use your social media accounts to share the stories and needs of Pawster Parents’ rescued animals. Be an active part of finding homes for unwanted pets with just a click of your finger. You can also follow us on Facebook.