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Pawster Parents

Pawster Parents Program

Nationwide Pet Foster Care

Pawster Parents is a nationwide nonprofit program that protects at-risk animals by strategically matching them with loving foster parents. Our primary goal is to be sensitive to each animal’s foster parenting needs as well as identifying the skills and interest of the foster mom or dad. The Pawster Parents Program strives to match foster parents and pets within their own community but will happily transport pets within the United States to connect them to their perfect pawster parent family. We believe it is important to match you with a foster pet that really fits your family and comfort level. Most foster parents are introduced to their foster pet within a week or two, but we do have some foster parents who are waiting longer times in order to find that special match. We just want you to know that it is OK to be a "picky" foster parent as you may be the foster mom or dad for an abused animal that is desperately waiting across the country for you. You are Needed and We Welcome Everyone to Apply!

The Pawster Parents Program has 7 main types of emergency pet foster care. They are as follows:

1. Abused, neglected and abandoned pets.

2. Very young or temporarily medically fragile pets.

3. Hospice for dying or very old unwanted pets.

4. Red Mile Pets. These dogs and cats are on death row (Red Tagged) with only 3 days or less left to live.

5. Respite for emotionally fragile and clinically depressed pets. (These are the really sensitive souls.)

6. Natural disaster foster care for temporarily displaced or lost pets. 

7. Pre-Shelter Rescues & Owners in Crisis

The process to become a Pawster Parent begins with filling out the Pawster Parent Application, then completing our online 

Pet Training, and lastly a Home Visit for first time foster parents. ​Afterwards you will be placed on our active-duty foster list and notified when a foster pet meeting your criteria is found. At that time our Pawster Parents Coordinator will contact you regarding the animal’s needs and your interest in foster parenting him/her.

The Pawster Parents application provides an easy online sign up option. We are interested in getting to know you and your interests and limitations. Our basic requirements are the ability to provide a loving, healthy, clean and safe home. The detailed questions in the application are intended to be used to create a customized profile of the type of at-risk animal that might fit well within your family. Placement decisions are based upon the needs of the foster pet as well as the skill set, interest, limitations, location and resources of the foster parent. No potential Pawster Parent will be disqualified solely on lack of resources if our program can provide the needed resources. We conduct identification and home environment vetting to ensure the well-being of our animals as well as to ensure the best foster parenting experience for you and your pawster child.

In addition, the Pawster Parents Program requires 100 points of pet training which may be done online or at designated training locations. The Pawster Parents Training Program is intended to provide information regarding best practices on how to treat and care for your foster pet. We also share our pet protection standards and policies so we can be "on the same page" in this journey of caring for those who need us most. We hope this creates an environment of success and the beginning of a wonderful relationship between you and our staff as well as our desperate and sweet pets.

If you are unable to foster parent an unwanted animal but want to be part of our team, please consider joining one of our other Packs.

Join One of Our 4 Packs: If interested email us at:

Parent Pack (Foster Parenting)

Travel Pack (Pick Up & Drop Off Pets)

Friend Pack (Share Needs with Family, Friends and Social Media) 

Life Pack (Make Donations, Find Sponsors and Help with Auctions